I think I have become so nauseatingly satiated with obama’s especial brand of stupid evil that he no longer surprises. His actions, almost exclusively aimed at harming America, no longer leave me appalled or astounded.

The true damage to America is yet to be seen, I believe. The socialist movement has left us balkanized. Unless Trump is able to mend the breaks the liberal socialists have initiated, the US may well shatter into 4-5 separate entities. obama retarded racial unity severral decades, but this part of our social fabric will heal. We were past the tipping point on mending our racial inequities and that process, interrupted, will continue in the absence of his painful abscess.

I just fear the coasts and the heartland no longer share those most basic desires and aspirations which unite a people. I foresee a gentle parting of unity. I would predict the west coast to break away as well as the northeast and Atlantic states. None of these would be violent, rather a family disagreement where various members retire to their own sections of the house to preserve the general peace. At some point the house becomes divided, but the neighborhood is congenial so long as everyone respects the individuality of others. For the time being.

From what I read about the population shifts for economic reasons, that movement is already under way. Those areas with policies needed for economic growth (low or no personal taxes, low business taxation, absence of heinous regulation, business friendly environments) are drawing the labor needed to support that growth. That growth is, of course, an off spring of the political climate which in itself is a reflection of the citizens.

I actually realize what the liberals are going-through. I have been so embittered by the Obama administration damage to my America, I can understand the liberal ire. I’m afraid that it is an indicator of the broader Balkanization of our country along socio-economic lines. Between the socialist turning coasts the heartland is trapped with it’s more traditional values. If we are doomed to break apart, I hope that some entity can manage to barter it in a gentle, peaceful manner. We Americans are developing deep political rifts, but that does not mean we cannot remain good neighbors while respecting the individuality of regional differences.