I like Mustangs. I never wanted a Mustang. I damn sure wanted a Shelby. Every year they were special. ’65 was an unadulterated race car. Uncomfortable but a screaming little bitch with the 289 K engine with about 306HP. The ’66 was actually offered with back seats…a step down from the exclusive race car.

Then, the magnificent ’67 GT500 featured the 427 engine. The GT500 Super Snake modified the 427 giving an output of over 650 horsepower available to a real street machine. The ’68 produced the Ford 428 cubic inch V-8 Cobra Jet, another majestic machine.

I think the Super Snake was the high point of the Shelby Mustangs. This was the same engine Shelby used to beat the Ferrari team at the legendary Le Mans track. Dropped into the lightweight Mustang produced an unbeatable street machine. I raced one in my’65 Plymouth Satellite which was a fast machine. The Snake walked away from me. The only real humiliation my ol’ blue car ever suffered. I cherish the memory of that night. If only I could have driven that Shelby….

The Shelby line was resurrected later, but the hayday of the muscle cars had passed my by. I read that people want to buy the old Mustang. The Shelby cars, well, folks just want to see them in person.

“’Eleanor,’ the ultimate car worth stealing, in the 2000 movie Gone in Sixty Seconds, starring Nicholas Cage. It sold at auction for $1.2 million, making it one of the most expensive Mustangs ever.”