That’s what is really great about out system. Newspapers rise and fall. We have seen in the past few years Fox News become a powerhouse. Drudge Report sways millions of people daily. The big news organizations are locking themselves into an antiquated industry. They make a profit or die.

Sometimes a person like Bezos buys a big paper and keeps it artificially floating through use of his wealth. He will tire when he realizes what a dinosaur he has by the tail.

You are right Doug. It’s not Trump, the dearth of liberalism or defeat of Hillary that troubles the media. It is their very own death they fear the most. The squirm about, lash-out and spew venom rather than admit their business model is doomed. A huge news organization dies slowly and with an ugliness born of thousands of entrenched employees.

Any organization, having existed for some period of time, takes on the characteristics of an individual. That company will fight for it’s right of survival just as a person. Many are quite adaptable. AT&T, another dinosaur of a bygone age, has brought a great deal of itself into a new age. Packard automobile died. The Pony Express crumbled in just a couple of years while Welles Fargo has undergone reincarnation after reincarnation.

We are just witnessing the end of one business cycle and the start of another.  News is news…we just get it differently now. And, we have dozens of sources to verify it’s validity and accuracy.