the green berets

I remember well when the song came-out. At the time I was considering my options as the draft board was hot pursuit at the time. Hearing the song my patriotism along with my blood rose. Such fine dedication, courage, bravery, etc.

It was the dead part which I objected to most. At twenty I had no intention of dying at war or anywhere else. I redoubled my efforts at avoiding the draft.

As a irony, when they made the movie “The Green Berets” with John Wayne, I had found my way to the Mekong Delta…in Vietnam. We all knew well of the movie and anticipated it would be a farce. It was.

But, hey, it was John Wayne. I got to our basecamp, Dong Tam, and got to watch the film at the beerhall. There were some groans when the really ridiculous parts came on. Yet, the whole bunch of GIs were there to be entertained. We hooped and hollared our way through the whole thing.

I met a few Green Berets over there. I found little to envy  about their jobs. The dedication, honor, courage, and devotion to duty was available to all soldiers without discrimination or a fancy cap.