General Stand Watie was the last Confederate general in the field to surrender on June 23, 1865, at Doaksville in the Choctaw Nation.  The Civil War pretty much ended ‘right up the creek’ here in SE Oklahoma.

Until his death in 1936, your grandad Garrett would march, stiff as a ramrod up the stairs to the top floor of the Ruolo Hotel, for regular Confederate Veterans of America.

Once assembled attention was called, a little band played “Dixie”and as the muster saluted the “Stars & Bars”.

Most of the emotional baggage with the Confederate flag leached away over the decades.  As the old comrades of countless bloody battles fell away the fight is forgotten; accounts of the battles written & rewritten; all glory gone again to dust.

Except that two great peoples once fought and died for glorious ideas…powerful ones, worth the dying.  The Confederate flag was only a stunning reminder of their courage and dedication.  It has been allowed to fall in shame.  Banners must be supported by living flesh .

What now of the victor’s banner in that old war: our beautiful Stars & Bars…”Old Glory”?  The answer for that remains: “For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.”


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