The ever popular “Trickle-Down” form of Federal economic boosts.

Will Rogers is generally acknowledged to have coined the term “trickle-down economics”.

It is not however limited to one or another political party. Both Democrats and the GOP have utilized this shaky theory (actual economists actually deny the existance of any such theory).

It actually represents a much larger governmental philosophical context: Whether it is better to allow taxpayers to allocate their own earnings or to allow government to dictate how individual incomes should be spent. In other words when a tax-payer creates something of value and is rewarded by that effort with ‘income’, is it better to allow that person to spend their own income or is the government better equipped to efficiently allocate those funds?

Brought back into general use during Regan’s terms of office, the trickle-down theory was epitomized by the “bail-outs” of banks and other industries deemed “too large to fail” by president Obama and they humongous injections of printed money into the economy.


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