Politicians never tell the truth. even when it would advance their cause. Trumps roll as president is not to observe and practice the decorum of the office. We didn’t send him there to do that. His roll is bull in the china shop. To break-up the old ways…to destroy the way they have been doing business which has been so devastating to this land.

Congress has shown itself unable to serve the best interests of those they serve. Each incident is an opportunity to expand their own base of power and money. Presented with a problem, they provide a solution which suits, above all, their own best self interests. Tradition and congressional business models perpetuate the damage they do. Trump is there not to blend into this tapestry, but to destroy it.

Of course the real problem is money…as it always is. The Sixteenth Amendment to the US Constitution allows the Federal government to steal as much money from the American taxpayers as they desire. There is no longer an incentive to end programs of good or ill. The constant enlargement of their money base is the only desirable political course they can see. The only real solution is to cut that supply of money.

The government is the antithesis to a free society. It’s goal is always counter to that of the governed. It has to be that way. And, in reality, to counter an organization which has become massively abusive is to harm it. That destruction must come from within or without. A man like Trump, a person hugely destructive in himself, aimed at the entrenched establishment is alike to chemo therapy. It kills the brings hell to the targeted cells and the body as a whole. In the general break-down, much good is lost in the battle with evil.

Yet, should the diseased organization come to be destroyed externally, well, that is civil war. A truly destructive force once unleashed. Even those ignorant citizens most illiterate of history know the the risks and demons set loose when a nation fights itself.

So, when Trump goes blindly blundering into some legislative fight, pray he can destroy yet another sacred cow, gore the herd headers, wreak havoc with tradition and generally upset the smooth working of government. For two hundred years they have been perfecting the war against our country, our people, our Constitution. Make no mistake, Trump was sent to Washington to destroy, not to build.