Was it all worth it??
You guys are the best of the best. This has bothered me for so long. So, tell me ~ did/does VN make a difference. I live half a world away…but that is your neighborhood.

We were told that if VN fell then all of SE Asia and then that section of the world would go to the communists. Which kinda happened & then un-happened. The VNmese comm’s kicked the Khmer Rouge out…a good thing. They have 2-3 border skirmishes with China…which at least is not bad. Commies are brutal murderers no argument. But SE Asia seems to just plug along without much difference to the rest of the world since we left 60,000 men dead upon the paddies and highlands.

We have now fought in Iraq and Afghanistan the same type of wars: waging wars of attrition out of fortified strong points. Turns-out we have squandered a few thousand more lives & who knows how many scared & wounded for the balance of their lives. Our highly trained and well equipped Iraqi army ran at the first sight of Isis. The taliban are poised to retake that country after years of blood and trillions of dollars.

I like to put things into some sort of perspective. We have 4 counties down here in extreme SE Okla.: McCurtain, Pushmataha, LeFlore and Choctaw. If every man, woman and child one day fell dead it would be the rough equivalent of the lives we lost in VN, Iraq and Afghanistan. I have trouble imagining this.

This could easily be understood as a search by a disillusioned old soldier. But I believe that the whole of America is troubling over the same question.

We have invested and lost so much is it a wonder our nation seems to pause in our commitment as the free world’s bulwark against evil. All this mind you has played-out on the far side of the globe. We need better answered than “Domino Theory”, “Better to fight them over there than here”, “The world depends on us”, “Oil! Oil! Oil!”.

We need better answered before we once again turn isolationist and the world becomes the playground of evil.


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